Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tough Call

Ooh, lots of inspiration on The Biggest Loser tonight.  The contestants were infuriatingly annoying, but the trainers were spot-on and seeing the changing body shapes reminded me that I can still achieve results with hard work.

Here are my excuses for not getting up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning:

1.  It'll be cold and dark and I'll have to scrape off the van.
2.  Some of the machines are broken at the gym.
3.  I'm loving my polar bear flannels and really don't want to be out in the cold dark morning, scraping the frost off the van.
4.  Maybe I'll work out at my other gym in the evening.

Reasons I'm going to get my morning gear ready, set the alarm clock, go to bed now and go to the gym in the cold dark morning.
1.  The cold feels awesome after a good workout.
2.  My legs are still sore from self-directed weightlifting, and I need to make my upper body sore to match.
3.  I want to reshape my body.
4.  If I exercise in the morning, I can do other things in the evening - or even get a second workout!

And that, once again, is how to talk myself into doing the healthy thing.  I have no valid reasons for not planning on the gym tomorrow - just lazy excuses.

I'm gonna quit whining like those contestants and just do it.