Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I Lost 100 Pounds: Seahorses

It's a little odd that I turned to exercising in the water as a last resort.  I love the water - ocean, lake, pond, rain, or tub.  I love seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and even tasting it.  I love water so much that I can't believe anything I do in it is exercise.

Stop by the pool on certain afternoons, look for the aqua jogger who's smiling till that smile erupts into laughter, and you've found me. 

Why am I smiling? 
* because I'm having so much fun moving without pain,
* because when I aqua jog from one side of the pool to the other I remember my babies tripping toward me, giggling all the way,
* because I feel the strength of my arms and legs pulling me through the water,
* because no one can see how much bouncing and jiggling is going on in my swimsuit,
* because I imagine I'm a silly seahorse, bobbing along.

You could say I went to the aqua jogging class kicking and screaming.  "It's not real exercise!" I thought to myself.  But I was wrong.  It is real exercise.  I can tell because when I get into the pool, the water's cold and I have energy to burn.  After 15 minutes the water feels almost stiflingly warm and I am pushing myself to keep my head above water.  (And it's a joyful pushing, with legs and core and arms.)

After just a couple weeks of aqua jogging I already feel stronger.  I'm overcoming nerve damage which had been overwhelming me.  The joy I feel in the pool translates into joy at home.  By wearing myself out during day, I sleep better at night.  Weakness is becoming strength, and lethargy is becoming energy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

How I Lost 100 Pounds: Wii Weekly!

700 days since I last used the Wii fit, and I still take offense when the little board sadly sighs "oh" when I step on.  Yeah, buddy, I'm back.

The good news: My Wii Fit age 7 years lower than my real age - YAY!

The bad news:  During those 700 days away, I've added more pounds than I'm willing to admit here.  And there's some work to be done:  

I didn't really need the TV to tell me I'm unbalanced.

Or that my personal best in boxing still has a ways to go.

Somehow I forgot about the Wii.  In all my swimming and biking and weightlifting, weigh-ins and bathroom scales and calorie counting, I forgot about the gem under the couch.  

I like Wii Fit.  It gives me messages like this when I do well...

(Okay, so that was on breathing.  I can breathe just 6 points shy of perfection!)

... and like this:

Yep, I'm a perfect stepper.

I like the feeling that I'm working out with a trainer, without the baggage that comes with working out at the gym -- you know what I'm talking about: membership fees, crowded locker rooms, transportation time.

I'm motivated by the progress charts, by the improvements I know are on the way, and by helpful messages like this:
 Yep, I can do better than that, and I'll hit it again tomorrow.  Wii!