Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Diary

(I joined WW last week; today will be my first "results" weigh-in.)

I’m going to have to resist psyching myself out this time around: worrying about how much my clothes weigh, worrying about how much I eat before each meeting, wanting to weigh myself at home, then obsessing over how that weight will compare with my weight at meeting.

*    Clothes: Till I get down to the bitter end, an ounce or two between these pants and those pants really doesn’t matter.  Right now my struggle isn’t one of ounces but of behaviors.  This time around I made the decision that I’m going to wear my running shoes for every weigh-in.

*    breakfast: My breakfasts are generally healthy, and one of the teachings of WW is to eat breakfast daily.  By skipping breakfast on weigh-in day, I’d be starting my week at a disadvantage, throwing the baby out with the bath water.  So there’ll be breakfast, even on weigh-in day.

*    weight at home:  It’s like trying to make Christmas happen sooner.  Sometimes the anticipation of a good number becomes overwhelming.  A simple solution to this: have the hubby hide the scale.  Again, I can’t achieve my goal by weighing myself obsessively.

My big fear is that I won’t know how to cope with those weeks when I lose no weight or even gain weight.  But that’s catastrophic thinking, creating drama in my mind.  Whether the scale shows a gain or a loss is beyond my control.  What is in my control is whether I live the lifestyle I’ve chosen: eating good food with good reason, and moving this body before I lose it.