Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Enough time

To summarize where I've been since August:  Back injuries stink.  And that's enough about that.

Since I have had no exercise option available to me for more than a month now, I've had plenty of time to wallow and worry.

And I've had so much time to wallow and worry that I've resorted to giving myself a good talking to.  There are some things I can't do.  So?

I can do my phsyical therapy exercises.  (I used to work to make my trainer proud; now I'm working to make my physical therapist proud.)

And I can concentrate on healthy eating.  (So many blogs, so many cookbooks, so many friends with great recipes)

Time to start concentrating on doing what I can, rather than lamenting what I can't.  (Is that optimism I hear?)

Time to become reacquainted with my kitchen.  (It's on the other side of the dining room.)

Here we go!