Friday, December 28, 2012

What to do, what to do?

It happens every time.  In the weeks leading up to the kids' break from school - whether summer, winter, or spring - I anticipate days of not worrying about school, deadlines, and other obligations.  I envision pajama days of a magically and healthfully filled refrigerator, well-balanced and nutritious meals that prepare themselves, laundry that keeps itself clean, folded, and stocked in drawers, and hour after hour of being merrily busy.

About halfway through the break, when I'm weary of chauffeuring and of living schedulessly at the whim of my kidlets, I find myself thinking "Why didn't I set plan time for me?"  I can eat in secret, read a stack of books, surf the web, or watch TV reruns, but none of those is what I want to do.  My body is stiff, my clothes are tight, and I'm feeling blah.  I want to feel alive again.

That's when I start making plans for the weeks ahead.  Looking through the class offerings of the YMCA I see titles like Step, Basic Strength Training, and Yoga.  I see Cardio & Strength, Jogging, and Boot Camp all listed in the water section!  I start comparing the times of the offered classes to the times I need to drop off or pick up from school.  How many classes can I squeeze in to my days?  How good will I feel after each class?  How awesome will it feel to start shedding, instead of packing on, pounds again?

I've got my water.  I've got my journal.  Now I've got to get some exercise.  Again.