Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4: Look, Ma! No Wheels!

When thinking about the bike portion of the Euclid Y's triathlon, I saw that I had a couple of options for getting it done: spin class or recumbent bike.  I've never seen the use of recumbent bikes: they're too easy to pedal, other people with bad knees seem to use them as a recovery tool, and yet when use them, they have the opposite effect and make my knee hurt.  The other option: spin class. 

I chose to see if I could get a workout on the recumbent bike, using techniques I'd learned in spin class, coaching myself through uphill strength and downhill sprints, and reminding myself to keep my feet flat.  And because of the bonus advantage of having an electronic display, I gave myself rpm goals.  I can honestly report that I worked up a mighty sweat on the wheel-less bike to nowhere

I made note of my workout summary today, and will work to improve on it.  I've got an ice pack on my knee now, so I must have done something right.  J

In other news: On the horizon is an event to which I invite all my fellow contestants and anyone who happens to be reading: Euclid's Relay for Life.  I'm sure I'll write more about it as we approach (it touches me on many levels both as a cancer survivor and an aspiring healthy person), but for now:  May 13-14, Euclid High Stadium.  We walk all through the night (great exercise opportunity!) and I'm sure that my team, Euclid Moms, isn't the only one which would welcome you.

Oh, and an accomplishment from yesterday: The salad I ate at dinner took up way more room on my plate than did my so-called main dish.


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