Monday, September 26, 2011

Kim & Kate Are Great!

It's about time I let them know: Kim and Kate, you are motivating me to do my best until I can hit the gym and really do my best. 
Kim is a friend from high school days.  I haven’t seen her since the early 90s and beyond her online photo, I have no idea what she looks like.  But I know she’s feeling and looking great because every now and then, she changes her profile picture to a new decade.  She was in the 60s for a while; I don’t remember the 70s; then the 80s; and now, seemingly in the blink of an eye, the 90s!  That’s incredible!  These decades represent how many pounds she’s lost.
Kim doesn’t whine about the gym or what she can’t eat.  She rarely mentions what she’s doing, unless she’s had a really good something or made a good choice.
Kate is my 21st century friend.  She’s a beautiful young woman, and mom to a houseful of children.  Some time ago she complimented me on a dress I was wearing and said she wanted to drop some pounds.  Over the past couple of weeks, Kate’s weight loss has been plain to see.  She looks amazing!
As far as I know, Kate doesn’t spend her time thinking about what she can or can’t eat.  But she’s clearly doing something right.
Kim & Kate: Thanks for showing me by example that I need to quit thinking about it and just do it.  You are both excellent role models for me, and you remind me that weight loss is possible.  I’m so happy for you in your success and can’t wait to achieve what you’ve achieved. 

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