Friday, December 9, 2011

A listy blog

As evidenced by lack of blogging, I've been reluctant to blog lately.  If I'd blogged, I'd have had to write things like "That was delicious! And so was the next and the next!"  Or "My back hurts from lack of exercise."

Because I've been

Too Busy to write

Too Busy to exercise.

Too Busy to plan meals

Too Busy to take care of me

Too Busy to be a loving member of my family.

I've been very busy doing Important Things: helping at three schools, attending my children's performances, sneaking food and shopping via the 'net.

Fortunately I have things like

* the guilt of not writing this blog (people notice)

* the frustration of falling into bad habits (do people notice?)

* an appointment I'd have been embarrassed to cancel (she'd have noticed)

to remind me that I've got to schedule time for me, too. 

Yesterday on my way to Someplace Important I stopped for a moment.  In the course of the last month or so I'd lost the little note pad I keep in my purse.  I like to have note pads with me so that I can write

* the titles & artists of songs I hear

* titles of books I want to read

* ideas that arise from nowhere.

So I stopped and bought 2 note pads.

And I remembered that I really enjoy exercise, and that 8 times out of 10 I really enjoy cooking healthy, tasty dinners (even if certain People I Love turn their little noses up).

And I was shocked to realize I enjoy jogging around that track.

And I remembered how good I feel when I lift weights.

And I accepted that I want to be in shape to jog some 5Ks next summer.

And I put My Self back on the top of my list.

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