Friday, June 8, 2012


Dear Diary,

That inner spark I visualized yesterday was very snug and sleep this morning!  But knowing that there was a sunrise, a cool breeze, and a lake near the track, I made my spark get up and get going.

Biking to the track, I was surprised to ride past the Widow Maker (that awful bump in the sidewalk) and realize I hadn't even noticed it. 

Oh it felt so, so good to be at the track again this morning.  Once I got going, I didn't even miss my music. (St. Anthony, where is my mp3 player?).  The midges, the sun, and the moon were all up at the same time.

There'll be plenty of track time this weekend -- it's Relay for Life weekend at Euclid High School stadium.  It's always a good event, and this time I'll have the right footwear (no walking in sandals for me this year!).

I'm glad to go into the weekend with a plan to keep working out.  I've had enough time out for a while, now it's time in!

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