Monday, October 8, 2012


Much like the butterflies in my stomach before the initial Lighten Up session in 2011, today's butterflies know how to raise a ruckus.  In a little while I'm going to try a new gym.  I'm already wondering what the clientele will be like, how hard will it be to find the machines I want to work on, and what am I capable of after having been physically & emotionally broken.

It's too bad I can't sneak into the gym when no one's looking.  Try this machine and that, build my endurance and slim down a bit before adding other people to the mix.

But as I told myself time and time again in the past, people at the gym are there for themselves, not to pay attention to me.  So the best I can do it pack a water bottle and some tunes, make sure my laces are tied, and do my best.

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