Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12: Change is Coming

My sinuses are on the warpath today.  Warmer temperature = moister air = my sinuses are out of whack, my bad ear is ringing, and my head hurts.

Oh, and it's The Weekend, which means that Routine is out the window.

Not all of me realized it's The Weekend: rather than snooze extra long, my body awoke at four o'clock in the morning.  I rested in bed a while, trying to mentally alphabetize everything I'm worried about (if it can be alphabetized it can't be that overwhelming!). 

Then I prayed.

On the bright side: My family is home with me!  I've had a couple hours of alone time!  Since I kept a good food tracker this week, I can follow a prior successful day rather than have to plan my food for today!

What an awesome change: I'm learning.


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