Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23: Life Fights Back

                I could tell the moment I got out of bed this morning that this was going to be a challenging day.  I could feel it.  I didn't mind that the alarm clock woke me up.  I'd set it for a time which would allow me  time to get ready for spinning, which I'd psyched myself up for yesterday.  For some reason though, I took longer than usual to get out the door.  I know I shouldn't have wasted time on the scale, but I hopped on optimistically and stomped off in a funk.  But it wasn't going to stop me.

                When I finally got my act together and made it out the door, a glance at the clock informed me that I was pushing it to reach the Y on time.  At least I knew I'd scraped the ice off my old van yesterday, so I could hop in and go.  Except that overnight, ice had accumulated on all the windows!  Ugh!  Was this the Universe telling me to not go to spin class?  Once upon a time I would have said, "Fine, I won't go," and left it at that.  But I had blogged yesterday that I would spin today, and I was dressed and ready to go, so I wasn't going to give up yet.

                I walked in to the Y two minutes before spin class started; this was not good.  I like to be early wherever I go, so that I can settle in.  This is especially at spin class where the bike's seat, handles, and pedals all need to be adjusted.  I didn't want to interfere with everyone else's workouts while the instructor would get me set up.  I said to Gwen at the front desk, "Maybe I shouldn't spin – people who do it better should get the bikes."  She told me there were 8 bikes and she'd only seen 4 people so far, and that I should GO!  So off I went to the locker room, changed from boots to shoes and from sweats to capris, then filled my bottle with water (just in case this would be the day I'd sweat enough to drip).

                I arrived in the spin room to find all the spinners in their warm-up.  I picked one of the several open bikes and started adjusting it.  Well, guess what.  Our instructor, Oakland, came over to help me strap in my feet and to make sure my bike was set correctly.  And you know what?   The class didn't come crashing to a halt.  Oakland gave an instruction, and another spinner took over for the minute or so that Oakland was busy helping me.  Thanks to such a good instructor and experienced participants, I hadn't ruined anyone's workout!

                My seat didn't come loose this time, and I didn't knock over my water.  I liked today's music better (though "Safety Dance" was cut short as we began our cool down), and we seemed to focus more on hills than sprints, so I got to enjoy feeling my muscles engage.  I closed my eyes now and then and enjoyed the rhythm of the music and the pedaling.  Before I knew it, class was over. 

                Last night, one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser said something along the lines of "sometimes life fights back, and you have to work harder."  That really stuck with me today, and I'm grateful.  Life doesn't sit back and say, "Here, allow me to prepare your healthy meals while I keep your phone from ringing."  Nor does it say, "Here's perfect weather and flattering clothes.  Have yourself a marvelous workout which will surely result in instant weight loss."  Nope.  Life happens and sometimes it even fights.  I can't control life, but I can control my reaction.

                Ever since I got home from the Y, piddly little things have continued to go wrong.  I suspect it's going to be one of those days.  I can feel sorry for myself and throw in the towel , or I can say, "NO!  This is MY day and you can't have it."  I can focus on the positive: the dog didn't poop inside; the electricity stayed on; a dear Friend stopped by and brightened my day with a smile.  Moments ago, rather than stress eat I chose to crunch (chomp on/mutilate) a carrot and sit down and sort through my thoughts here.  Days like today give me a chance to measure my progress.  How will I handle stumbling blocks?  It's not even 9:30 in the morning yet.  My mantra for today – in all things, not just eating & exercise – must be, "it's about persistence, not perfection."


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