Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17: Triathlon Status Check

Swimming: 56 lengths done, 130 remaining
Biking: 43.2 miles done, 68.8 miles remaining
Walking: 20.4 done, 5.8 remaining
I'm confident that I'll complete all the events within the time allotted.  I hadn't expected that I'd have to increase my time in the gym in order to accomplish it.  In the past I've paid more attention to the number of calories burned than to distances completed.  I like having to think about the process differently.
My biggest May events are done (Relay and First Communion), and I'm working to get back into the fresh produce frame of mind for eating.  Though a kumquat from Trader Joe's yesterday was so sour that I flushed my poor taste buds with running water in the kitchen sink.  My 2-year-old thought it was hilarious.
On one of the few recent non-rainy days I had my first crack at my planned neighborhood exercise route, involving a small hill, some stairs, some sand, and some grass.  Unfortunately my aging dog who was with me was unable to cope with it, making it a very sad workout.  He and I will stick to sidewalks; and if the rain ever dries out the path I wanted to use, I'll have to do it by myself.
Last night I saw weekend photos of me, and was remotivated to continue shedding the fat.  Though swimsuit season may never arrive, I'd still like to look as nice in pictures as I do in my imagination.  How's that for crazy - for once I have it in my head that I looked nice.  I, the ugliest person I know, actually thought I looked nice, till I saw the pictures.
C'est la vie.  I'm alive, and I want to stay alive and healthy.  I'm going to keep working for it.

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