Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29

Something I'm not happy about: Thanks to that expensive ear plug – the one that didn't work – my ear is draining something fierce, and my throat and cheek hurt.  I'm afraid I'll have to work hard with the company to get them to take it back and refund my money.  I know that companies don't like returning money, but I'll have to fight the good fight.


Something else I'm not happy about:  Yesterday, in the midst of preparations for a last minute birthday party, I didn't eat any fruits or vegetables!  I did manage to eat birthday cake and pizza.


Something I'm happy about: That I'm unhappy about the lack of fruits & veggies yesterday.  After one day without produce, I can hardly wait to get to the store to stock up again.  I can almost taste the salad!  It'll be so nice & cool to enjoy on what's sure to be a too-hot-for-me day (I prefer nothing higher than 60s; I live with the 70s; start complaining during the 80s; and wilt in the 90s).


Something else I'm happy about: Doing the online Weight Watchers program seems to be working.  Without trying to cram another meeting into my schedule, and without feeling like the person weighing me is judging me, I've held myself more accountable for my eating, answering to myself.  The result?  The number on the scale was lower when I weighed myself yesterday morning!  I'm hoping that continuing down this road will mean that on June 25 I'll finally show a number lower than 234.4 at Lighten Up.  I really can't control the number, but I can continue to control what I eat and whether/how hard I exercise.



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