Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10

  In the midst of weightlifting yesterday, I talked to my trainer about how long it takes me to do a mile.  He said, "It won't take that long when you're jogging," to which I ruefully replied, "That is when I'm jogging."  J 


  So in addition to building up my endurance to jog 5K at all, I'm working at moving up from a snail's pace to a turtle's pace (and keeping an eye out for athletic turtle sportswear).  I shaved a minute off my time today, and did so without the aid of music (where is my mp3 player?) and without any knee pain (woohoo!).


  This was after waking up early on my own, and lying in bed for 10 minutes, telling myself I was too tired to go to the Y.  But my exercise brain wouldn't be silenced, and the rest of my morning is history.


  Oh, and my eating has been spot on.  I'm relieved to see that despite no longer attending Weight Watchers meetings, I've incorporated their lessons into my daily life.  I'm not saying it'll last forever, but I'm learning to stand on my own two feet.



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