Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post Script

  When I took pictures of the strollers earlier, I had to snap one of my bike, too.  I love my bike for the freedom it gives me, for how speedily it gets me places, and for the plain old fun of it.

  As a young mom, I listened to voices of caution (the grandparents) who were dead set against me putting any of their grandkids on a toddler bike seat.  Well now I’m a not-nearly-as-young mom, I love riding my bike, and gas is expensive, so this summer, thanks to the help of friends, my bike has a new appendage.

  Littlest and I have biked all kinds of errands.  In the beginning, I was so nervous about her being back there (Would my backside squash her?  Would a bump send her flying?  Would I forget how to steer and tip us both over?) that I asked “Are you okay back there?” frequently enough that my cherubic 3-year-old replied, “You already asked me that.”  J

  So today we mounted my bonnie bike and rode to the library.  It’s an excellent way to teach a child left and right and straight ahead, and it’s also an excellent way of causing strangers to question my sanity.

  When we got to the library, another cyclist was just in front of me.  He heard me saying, “Hooray!  We made it!”  And he watched me dismount my bike; then his face lit up when he saw Littlest.  He said to me, “I didn’t see her back there and I thought you were talking to your bike.”  Maybe I was.


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