Monday, September 5, 2011


From the moment Mark Beaumont's comment sprang up in my computer earlier today, I'd have liked nothing better than to have been able to thank him for taking the time to post.  Unfortunately, the computer has outwitted me (as do tightly closed jelly jar lids and certain local intersections).

So, if you're not Mark Beaumont and you intend to never post a comment: Thank you for reading anyway and please forgive this entirely off topic posting.

If you do intend to one day post a comment: I thank you in advance, especially if you're kind.

And if you are Mark Beaumont: Thank you for taking the time to post today, even from glamorous Newark, NJ.  I'll bend Santa's ear about the Americas book (if I can wait that long).  In the meantime, here's wishing you a joyful homecoming and resting-up followed by safe and bountiful adventures. 

And, oh yes, congratulations on that whole World Record thing.  J Seriously, yours is an amazing story and I thank you for sharing it.


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