Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's GO already!

  I want to start healing NOW!  I want to be pushing the stroller a few miles through falling leaves.  I want to be trudging through snow in my boots.  I don’t particularly want to jog, but I want to be training for the 2 triathlons I’ve sets my sights on for next summer. 
  All I need to do is be sliced & stitched, then I can back get to the good stuff.

  Hey!  Wait a minute.  That reminds me of something.  Before I get the reward, I need to go through the hard stuff.  Just like in losing weight.  In order to get the joy of smaller clothes, more amusement park rides, and the self-confidence that comes from accomplishment, I need to do the hard work of self-discipline and meeting challenges head-on.

  Maybe it’s good that I’m being forced into a little time off.  Perhaps this is the way The Man Upstairs is reminding me to gather rosebuds while I may.  Take it for what it’s worth:  Part of my heart who lives a few streets away likes to caution me against (cue REM) losing my religion.  She reminds me that when I focus on exercise or on writing or on food, I run the risk of elevating those things to God Status. 

   Am I being called back into balance?  I am a Libra, and here we are getting ready for the stars to align.  Perhaps I’m being forced into quiet recuperation because Someone Out There wants me to do some spiritual work, to listen and to discover.

  Of course, I do my best spiritual work out in the woods or near running water, so I’m gonna start lacing up my shoes. 

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