Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The value of sticker shock

Lately I've been thinking a lot about motivation and wondering where I'll find mine in the cold days ahead. If this year is like its recent predecessors, from now till April I'll have to battle the instinct to bulk up and hibernate as ice makes the world a little bit scarier. 

I thought about Lighten Up 2012 and how awesome it would be to have that to look forward to.  If I were a contestant this year, I wouldn't psych myself out, I'd just psych myself up, totally focused on me and not the other contestants (See?  I learned something!).  But I had my chance.  Note: It's an incredible opportunity and I can't wait to follow this year's contest.

I thought about The Biggest Loser and how amazing that experience would be (Any producers reading this? Pick me! Pick me!).

Right now I've got a houseful of celebrities nagging -- I mean encouraging -- me to eat right, move more, and follow them to a new me.  Ali Vincent's face smiles radiantly at me from the Official Biggest Loser Weight Management Program I happily received for Christmas.  When I was vacuuming under the bed yesterday, I found my long lost The Biggest Loser book, complete with Bob Harper's heart-stopping smile on the cover.  And in today's mail Jennifer Hudson implores me to Believe and return to Weight Watchers.

I'll tell you where lies my real motivation for healthy eating just now: my wallet.  Though I stopped eating meat this fall, it wasn't till today that I took my first trip to Whole Foods.  Inspired by a recent post by my favorite blogger, I took a couple loved ones with me for a 20-minute drive and found myself in healthy food heaven.

I'm still overwhelmed by the amazing, beautiful selection and I'm also still a overwhelmed by sticker shock.  But while it's true that actual good-for-me food is initially pricer than some the food-like products, when I factor in things like health & nutrition, today's grocery bill was a bargain.

So.  I've spent a little more on groceries for myself than I'm comfortable with.  (I say for myself because most of what I bought is to help me in my meatlessness.)  Know what that means?  I'm holding myself accountable.

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