Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19: Health 202

Today I used my Morning Strength to prevent an afternoon stumble.  Yesterday I was the recipient of chocolate(!!!), and while there was a part of me (my taste buds) that really wanted to eat it, there's also the part of me (my eyes, which sees my image in mirrors & photos) that doesn't want to have eaten it.  So I sampled – not devoured – some –not all of – the chocolate.  Then this morning I gave the rest away.

Also this morning I kept plugging away at the elliptical machine, even though my body was whining at me "I'm tired!  My hip hurts!  These shoes are uncomfortable!  It's hot!"  I used the Biggest Loser lessons I described here yesterday. 

I've also made a couple huge steps.

1.      I realize that I struggle with boredom.  Not only do my 2 year old and I suffer cabin fever (together!) thanks to our new rainy climate (I swear she doesn't believe me when I tell her the playgrounds are all soaked), but she no longer naps (though if I'd strap her in the car and drive her, she'd snooze... at $4.00 per gallon).  I'm finding that even though I keep busy with projects and chores, I'm bored with projects and chores.  For those couple hours after morning chores and before the big kids get home to provide conversation other than "I want," I'm bored, bored, bored, and the most exciting distractions are

·         Books – which burn no calories and keep me from interacting with my little one

·         Computer – same as books

·         Food – a variety of flavors & textures, can be experienced with my little one

            I seriously need help with this.  Does anyone have helpful ideas?  I'm thinking maybe afternoon field trips, but I realize I also need to be get by without external stimulation.  I need to create my existence, and I need to make joy a part of daily life, even if those around me (you know who you are) are moody.


2.      I realize that recently I fell into the "my needs come last" trap.  That would explain why, if I attended all the meetings people/committees wanted me to this week, we'd have needed baby-sitters 4 out of 5 nights.  That's crazy; that's not parenting.  So last night I did the unthinkable and said, "No."  I didn't attend a meeting someone wanted me to attend but of which I wasn't a vital part.  I remember now that I need to do it more often.  I need to distinguish between beneficial work and busywork.

            So once again I'm working on issues which, though at first glance have nothing to do with Lighten Up, are exactly the reason I ended up in Lighten Up.  I'm trying to learn to live a healthy, balanced life. 


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