Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16: Reduced Speed Ahead

  Sometimes a lack of speed makes it possible to complete a task, say completing a 5K.  For me to increase speed would result gasping breaths and cramping sides.


  Other times, lack of speed makes exercise a whole lot harder.  Take weightlifting for example.  People usually lift and relax at a fairly steady clip.  I occasionally see guys at the gym bustin' out heavy weights as fast as they can, bulking up those biceps.  When you want to really gain strength and not bulk up, though, slow and steady wins the race.


  And then there's what David coached me through today: almost everything was in slow motion.  Not merely a steady rhythm, but taking three times as long for each lift and relaxation.  It's hard enough with weights; with four types of crunches followed by push-ups on an inverted stability ball at the end of an hour-long session, it's grueling.


  I was treated to a really good workout today and promises of more to come.  Next session of Women on Weights at the Euclid Y starts next week, and David tells me he's filling up a bag of tricks to use as we go forward.  I can hardly wait!



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